Wednesday 25 July 2012

July's Roses

Dear rose, thy joy's undimmed, thy cup is ruby-rimmed, thy cup's heart nectar-brimmed...
What words can describe the intricate splendour, the beauty & elegance of the rose. I thought the torrential rain had damaged our old rose trees. So its with great pleasure & awe I am able to take a couple of photographs of our beautiful delicate roses. Hope you enjoy them as much as we are.
Such beautiful grace & presence, serene energy, almost as if a floral ballet sense of movement, graceful, elegant & breathtakingly beautiful. Then there's the scent of a rose. .. nothing quite like its delightful fragrance. 
Our buddleja is almost in full bloom too, soo sooo pretty.
Also our privet hedge is covered in little white flowers, absolutely beautiful & will have to see how often it flowers as I'm sure it hasn't flowered before in such abundance.
Through the garden fence & hanging leaves I spot my neighbours beautiful hydrangeas which are the most gorgeous colour in comparison to our white & blue purple ones.

Friday 20 July 2012

Observational Intrusion

Admiring the vibrancy & lushness of the garden after a torrential downpour. I thought I'd take a wander & sense the energetic nourishment, the newness & purity, strength & calm. Armed with my little camera I thought there may well be a few nice photographs to take. The Buddleja is really starting to blossom beautifully. Our Hydrangeas have never looked so heavy, full, large & colourful. They're absolutely magnificent, observing their stunning colours & intricacy I thought I'd take a few shots even though I haven't as yet discovered their herbal properties (if any).  Much to my delight there was another admirer, perhaps observing me :)
Hope you enjoy this little fella, his gracefulness & then his movement from being seen to being camouflaged after he'd tired of watching me :)
Much to my delight, I met this little fella
soon he appeared to be watching me!

then he about turns & heads off into safety, jumps from the flowers to the leaves

The Buddleja is beautiful too, isn't fully opened yet but these are a few close ups of the many gorgeous little flowers opening.
 The rose buds looks so pretty too, this one reminded me of The Little Shop of Horros :)
 Theres something simply stunning about Bramble )
Hope you enjoy a little array of raindrops & garden loveliness.

Monday 16 July 2012

Beautiful Gifts

After seeing the most beautiful blog about Vervain. I am wondering if this little sweetie is in fact from the Vervain family?  I didn't add this gorgeous little floral gift to yesterdays July posting, as I haven't a clue what is it.  Its suddenly appeared in about half a dozen of last years flower tubs, which needed planting.  It wasn't a flower we planted in last years concrete drive bouquet :) . . I'm  not sure where its sprouted itself from.  I assumed it had self seeded & grown in the old soil, spores the wind perhaps brought from other gardens.  So before we've had time to repot & put new our annual tub flowers in.. nature had its own plan.
Usually I plant up about a dozen tubs to place around our porch, breaks up the concrete drive a bit ( thats as far as my gardening skills reach).  This year, being so busy I've just  never had any spare time.  Now I refuse to plant them as I just simply adore all of these tall delicate bunch of beautiful tiny flowers which have gifted me with their presence.  'Whispering Earth' has just done - as always - a beautiful blog about Vervain. I am wondering if this is similar? Can anyone identify this gorgeous flower for me. Many thanks.
They're the most delicate colour, tiny beautiful little petals. I assume they're weeds, but they look so pretty they can serve our tubs well :)  

Sunday 15 July 2012

Pluvial July

After rain & gales, torrential rain & more rain I thought I'd venture out into the garden & see whats survived, thrived & sadly impoverished. The beautiful Roses (I only have a few) are battered & looking very sorry for themselves. However the Hydrangeas are blossoming; looking strong, healthy & positively vibrant.  The Hawthorn is in regrowth & renewal, has stunning new red leaves sprouting from the ends of its branches. We can all draw strength & lessons from Nature, after such an onslaught of enduring challenges , its as if they draw breath, re group & continue their infinite quest to become all they're meant to be. Its in their make up, guess its in our Soul , purpose & beliefs :)
Hawthorn new growth

Beautiful Hydrangeas, all different shades

Oh & this is the first sign of the Buddleja blossoming from tiny buds into the well loved - & recognised as a hedgerow weed - tiny horn of lilac, white or pink flowers. 

Also these gorgeous little lawn flowers are absolutely trying their best to kindly share with us, converting our lawn into the most exquisite carpet of vibrant colour & intricate designs, like a beautifully woven tapestry. White Clover is prolific too.

Clusters of stunningly awesome, cellular, solar, orbit,  planet  & orchid like lawn flowers:)

Sunday 1 July 2012

North Downs Dawn Walk

Absolutely love my dawn walks with the pooch. The sun illuminates every miniscule thing so beautifully during its daily rising quest to journey the earth. It always feels like the most special occasion, the most sacred time spent as one with the magical wonders of nature & the universe all as one. Often as if its spectacle is a private show, there's never anyone else around. This morning was no different, camera in hand, dog rolling in anything remotely wiffy we enjoyed almost 3 hour hike. returning home just in time for breakfast. Here are some gorgeous companions I met along the way.

Hope you enjoy some of the wondrous gifts of nature captured in the photographs.