Friday, 2 March 2012


Our neighbours tree is just coming into blossom. Many of the branches just starting to look adorned. It has the most exquisite delicate scent. The White Blossom is stunning. Our other neighbour has the Pink Blossom which I always think is the Cherry.  Please, is the White Blossom - Orange Blossom or is it a Plum Blossom?  My neighbours daughter seems to think it was Orange Blossom but I'm not too sure as I don't ever recall seeing oranges!!! Or is that too simple . I took another photie this morning as we had a heavy fog & there is so much moisture in the air I thought the flowers would be quite beautiful with the water droplets.
Amazing how the micron fog droplets cling to the stamen, buds & petals. Yet seemingly weightless in their presence. Loving our Springtime extremes - yesterday glorious sunshine & warmth today foggy & really cold!!


  1. You were so right! Those photos with the water droplets are amazing! Your white blossom is probably plum, although those can be pink a lot of times also! It will be fun to see which they turn out to be as the season progresses! :) xx

  2. Exciting to see the tree fully blossom & unearth its fruits!! The scent is rather divine yet delicate, orange blossom is such a lovely scent but I'm sure plum blossom can be too. Thank you again, you're such an encouraging support & inspiration. So much going on in Comfrey Cottages - your neighbours must be fascinated by you. :)

  3. I've just remembered there's a mock Orange Blossom!!! Wonder if this is it?