Friday, 29 June 2012

Exquisite Elderflower

There is something so beautiful about the Elderflower. Not only is its stunning little flower so intricate & beautiful, but its taste & distinctive fragrance is so evocative & beautiful. June has shared plenty of exquisite  sprigs of Elderflower with us. During early dawn walks I've tenderly picked the beautiful flowers, brought them home, rinsed them & made the most delicious drink. No additions, simply & purely just the elderflowers, water & a refrigerator :) Creating the most glorious rays of sunshine, the most happy Summery feeling all captured in flavour in a glass to drink :)

Also made Elderflower Tea but much preferred the cold summer drink from the refrigerator.  Collected enough from different bushes so I could press/dry some too.
The qualities of the Elderflower I imagine mean different things to different folk. I don't suffer from hay fever so I unable to say how much it could help with  the suffering. For me, the Elderflower's energy vibration  is playful, pure, childlike, delicate & happy. It actually makes me laugh out loud when I taste its beautiful aromatic flavours. My husband actually said I was quite mad when I asked him if it made him smile when he tasted the happiness of the flowers!!
I popped the Elderflowers into a glass jug, serving the drink to clients & customers made the drink more appealing as they could also see the flowers swell as tasting them. Something quite elegant, yet rustic & gorgeous about the refreshing water with stunning little petals & flowers in. We also ate the flowers & had some sprinkled on our salad.

Thank you Nature, just loving the Seasonal gifts :)


  1. Such beautiful photos! I, too, love elderflower :-)

  2. Thank you Steph. Mmmmm another jug of freshly picked Elders (5am this morning) is in the fridge right now. I shall truly miss their fragrant loveliness & deliciousness when they come to finish.

  3. I love the distinctive fragrance of this nice little flower. Lovely teapot :)

  4. Yes it is such a nice little flower & the flavour amazingly so distinctive . Thank you, it was a great purchase & can be used for all my trials & brewing :)