Friday, 20 July 2012

Observational Intrusion

Admiring the vibrancy & lushness of the garden after a torrential downpour. I thought I'd take a wander & sense the energetic nourishment, the newness & purity, strength & calm. Armed with my little camera I thought there may well be a few nice photographs to take. The Buddleja is really starting to blossom beautifully. Our Hydrangeas have never looked so heavy, full, large & colourful. They're absolutely magnificent, observing their stunning colours & intricacy I thought I'd take a few shots even though I haven't as yet discovered their herbal properties (if any).  Much to my delight there was another admirer, perhaps observing me :)
Hope you enjoy this little fella, his gracefulness & then his movement from being seen to being camouflaged after he'd tired of watching me :)
Much to my delight, I met this little fella
soon he appeared to be watching me!

then he about turns & heads off into safety, jumps from the flowers to the leaves

The Buddleja is beautiful too, isn't fully opened yet but these are a few close ups of the many gorgeous little flowers opening.
 The rose buds looks so pretty too, this one reminded me of The Little Shop of Horros :)
 Theres something simply stunning about Bramble )
Hope you enjoy a little array of raindrops & garden loveliness.

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