Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pondering postulations

So much to learn, so much to do, so many places to visit, so much yet to become - too much to do, too much to learn, too many places I haven't  been to, too many days are passing on by without me reining in the beauty & space in time to produce the required experiments & goods!! Indulgent procrastination  (fear) - it seems - its seeds sowing within. Hesitation to embark within the Herbalists tasks, feeling so much a novice, maybe Ive bitten off more than I can chew.  Diving into the deep end perhaps not the most sensible ideal. Everyone is it seems so proficient, efficient, ebullient & prescient to Natures unfurling gifts, knowledge  & discovery's.  I day dream, in the garden I adore the Winters horizon - from here upon the hill -  the  familiar silhouette of our spinneys. Never do I tire of the sky, the trees, the movement & energy resonating. The ultimate retreat, to lose oneself amongst the silence & power, the peaceful pulsating nurturing nourishment of life, creation, nature sensed between the heavens & earth.  From the peaceful, powerful  rejuvenation I pray all will bear me the seeds of creativity yet to blossom & bloom !!!
Soon, to just unfurl with ease into the vast wealth of knowledge shared. To participate & enjoy the wonderful joys of learning. My heart is awakened, my desire ignited but the old mind, its never-ending meandering corridors seem a little darkened - full of cobwebs :)  Yet as soon as I see a seed burst to life from containment, the first snowdrops, the crocus shoots I am thrilled to the very core. All ~spring & Summer long I am in awe at all blossoms & buds. Last year I took thousands of photographs, every year I take thousands. Little leaves, buds, flowers & tree bark. Oooh how I need this apprenticship to fill my empty labels beneath all photos :)    Maybe all isn't as yet over, maybe its a slow beginning!! Maybe I'm a late starter.

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