Monday, 16 July 2012

Beautiful Gifts

After seeing the most beautiful blog about Vervain. I am wondering if this little sweetie is in fact from the Vervain family?  I didn't add this gorgeous little floral gift to yesterdays July posting, as I haven't a clue what is it.  Its suddenly appeared in about half a dozen of last years flower tubs, which needed planting.  It wasn't a flower we planted in last years concrete drive bouquet :) . . I'm  not sure where its sprouted itself from.  I assumed it had self seeded & grown in the old soil, spores the wind perhaps brought from other gardens.  So before we've had time to repot & put new our annual tub flowers in.. nature had its own plan.
Usually I plant up about a dozen tubs to place around our porch, breaks up the concrete drive a bit ( thats as far as my gardening skills reach).  This year, being so busy I've just  never had any spare time.  Now I refuse to plant them as I just simply adore all of these tall delicate bunch of beautiful tiny flowers which have gifted me with their presence.  'Whispering Earth' has just done - as always - a beautiful blog about Vervain. I am wondering if this is similar? Can anyone identify this gorgeous flower for me. Many thanks.
They're the most delicate colour, tiny beautiful little petals. I assume they're weeds, but they look so pretty they can serve our tubs well :)  


  1. HI there. I think it might be small flowered willow herb you have there. Good for prostate health in some men. I'm not sure without seeing the whole plant but that's what it looks like to me.
    Thanks for the lovely compliment!

  2. Most deserved, I love your blog. Ah okay, will look up small flowered willow herb. Hope these new photos help. Many thanks for you help.

  3. I think it's willowherb too. Beautiful photos

  4. Ah, well thank you. My 2012 bouquet tubs for the drive & porch are filled with lovely little willow herb :)
    I'm probably the only one who thinks my tubs look lovely lol. Thank you Sarah for your kind words, I am learning so much. Thank you.