Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pluvial July

After rain & gales, torrential rain & more rain I thought I'd venture out into the garden & see whats survived, thrived & sadly impoverished. The beautiful Roses (I only have a few) are battered & looking very sorry for themselves. However the Hydrangeas are blossoming; looking strong, healthy & positively vibrant.  The Hawthorn is in regrowth & renewal, has stunning new red leaves sprouting from the ends of its branches. We can all draw strength & lessons from Nature, after such an onslaught of enduring challenges , its as if they draw breath, re group & continue their infinite quest to become all they're meant to be. Its in their make up, guess its in our Soul , purpose & beliefs :)
Hawthorn new growth

Beautiful Hydrangeas, all different shades

Oh & this is the first sign of the Buddleja blossoming from tiny buds into the well loved - & recognised as a hedgerow weed - tiny horn of lilac, white or pink flowers. 

Also these gorgeous little lawn flowers are absolutely trying their best to kindly share with us, converting our lawn into the most exquisite carpet of vibrant colour & intricate designs, like a beautifully woven tapestry. White Clover is prolific too.

Clusters of stunningly awesome, cellular, solar, orbit,  planet  & orchid like lawn flowers:)


  1. Beautiful flowers you have there, your roses look just like mine, but they had a lot to suffer from all those rain.
    PS. I posted a comment on my blog for you :)

  2. Stunning photos! I think your last photo is of self-heal. Try making some tea with it - tastes good!

  3. OOoooh really, self heal was one of my chosen herbs! It grows in abundance on the North Downs & since the constant torrents of the rain we've been enjoying, we now have it in clusters in many parts of our lawn. Its stunningly beautiful. Thank you for your help and kind words, yes I will, the elderflower now ceases to exist so I was wondering what blooms I can brew next :)