Sunday, 5 February 2012

seeds sown

I've been truly hesitant & shy with the January tasks. Reading the many amazing informative quality emails from the rest of our group is inspiring but does remind me of my ignorance & naivety.  Absorbing all trials with not exactly intrepid enthusiasm!!.
The names of plants, trees, herbs all used with such clarity & ease. All names of all conspire to remind me about how little information I have & hold within my mind about all.  Not to be defeated so early into the tasks, it seemed sensible to look for a reference book on local herbs, plants, trees etc.  So I could become familiar with whats what! Celebrations here upon the hill (very snowy hill today).  A sense of pure happiness thrills.  Yesterday I realised that so many of the herbs, hedgerow, flowers & trees asked to study & track I've already unknowingly done. Since acquiring a digital camera couple of years ago all of my walks, hanging out washing, etc everywhere & anywhere I have the camera to hand. Already I have some wonderful photographs of things I think are wonderful in the garden, down the lane, cross the fields,  in the wood & on the trees :)  Yaaaaaay, Natures stunning array of intricate flowers, plants, trees, buds, blossom already catalogued.  Years of wandering here upon the hill, always enjoying these tiny little miracles that everyone seems to tread on.  Years of admiring the trunks, the stems, the intricate pattern on the leaves, the tiny perfectly balanced petals. The amazing designs, colours & distinction.  Soooo thrilled to now be able to bring proper names to such a huge part of my life.  Years of - app annoyingly - stopping our supposed brisk walk, pausing at every new sighting, scrutinising every flower, bud, tree or other amazing miracle of life wondering what its made up of, imagining it holds the answers to many health questions.  For years I've been asked "do we really have to stop every few minutes"  :D   At long last I have found, not only a group of peeps who would take the same hours to explore a half hour walk,  I now can - hopefully in time - with a little help from my herbhuddies/friends too - put names to each & every one of the wonderful daily distractions.  I already have photographs of such beautiful Elder, Hawthorn &  Rose etc etc yet it now seems I  just didn't  know their names. Now I need to take a reference book out with me :)  Don't know why I've never thought about naming them before. Duh!!! They just always felt sooo good, their energy wonderfully satisfying without further questioning.
although ... tee hee I did guess the name of this gorgeous herb flower
which burst to life  on my kitchen windowsill 
Hmmm, when I look at my iphoties, which last count was 14,769. Think I have a lot of naming to do :) sooo exciting. lol. I wonder how many are herbs :D

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  1. what gorgeous pictures! Love to hear the enthusiasm in your voice! Yes, you need to find a lovely field guide to help you on your journey. Maybe even several! lol! What a lot of photos you have taken! xxxx