Friday, 10 February 2012


I'm sure Sarah asked us somewhere to think about what we would like to achieve during the apprenticeship - our greatest hopes.  Although I can't find any trace of this suggestion or question. Hmmm, so not sure now whether she did or didn't. Nevertheless I do have  some objectives, as I have been thinking about what feels most important this year for me to achieve .
Firstly I would love to expand & improve my relationship with plants & trees. The heart is such a wondrous organ of perception & always the plants, flowers or trees activate the love within my heart when admiring their structure, beauty & essence. So, with this in mind - heart being the organ of perception open, unconditional love resonating - I'd like to use the essence of love/creativity as a medium for communicaton. To allow the plants to share their sacred secrets with me, to hear the whisper of their teachings & to feel their inherent intelligence.
So much knowledge can be transported during an energy exchange, so I'd like to consciously apply & create a similar channel - understanding - be open towards all the plant's  teachings & all it wishes to share with me.  Once I have a greater deeper understanding I would then like to embrace the energy of plants & their medicinal properties to create & use in the family home. Whether that be in salads, vegetables, tinctures etc.


  1. Lovely Paules! Excellent intentions:) Great photos also!Bzzz Bzzz xxxxx

  2. Your memory is quite correct - everyone is asked to think about their best hopes for the apprenticeship and at the end of each year I ask you to think how far you have come towards achieving your hopes/desires/wishes.