Thursday, 28 June 2012

Jubilant June

Almost at the end of June,  half way through the year. June is often a stop, take stock month & draw your breath time.  A moment to reflect how time truly does pass/expand at such an incredible pace.  I'm truly enjoying the Seasonal gifts June brings. Embracing the energetic  inspiration but time to sit & write, garden or create is just manifesting itself into other chores, necessities & family commitments. My organisation skills need upgrading.
The early dawn walks seem to fill me with sustainable energy to draw upon during the busy working day. Its lunchtime, the sun is gorgeous but soon rain is forecast. I thought I'd enjoy a writing lunch. Share the gorgeous little flowers which are adorning the chalky North Downs like a colourful blanket. The sun commencing its daily quest, when so low in the sky creates such a magical tapestry of colours. the heavy seductive floral scents hang beautifully in the morning air just waiting to fill your senses with all things celebratory. The Elderflower I appreciatively pick - at around 5.30am - makes me chuckle when I drink it. Its playful deliciousness always bring a sense of happy Summertime feelings from the inside out. Cheeky little magical Elderflower, has the energy of a rousing mischievous fairy.  When I make our Elderflower juice, I love its awesome simplicity. I never add anything at all. The early morning Elderflower is bursting with fragrance & flavour. A glass jug, half a dozen sprigs of Elderflower, jug filled with water & pop it in the fridge all day;  serves the most delightful & delicious Summer drink. 
The surprise gift of Honeysuckle - which has blossomed amongst the Hawthorn bush - is in full bloom & smelling quite beautiful. I must read up all which can be shared from the exotic looking Honeysuckle.
The red clover, the dandelion, burdock, thistle, nettles.. all have so much to share.  One day at a time, although I am not sowing & growing much. i am still attuned to the glorious seasons, offerings & changes & utilising all of them to the best of my abilities.

With Love from the chalky North Downs, here are some morning glories to share.

I have my pocket size  Gem book to try to help me identify the little flowers & herbs. The morning walk is full of surprise, such an array of hedgerow bouquets.  All so beautiful & all so unique.  


  1. Stunning pictures!
    Falling in love with this area :)

  2. Bless, I know exactly what you mean I am in Love with the areas, especially at dawn & sunset. Thank you for your kind comments.