Thursday, 5 January 2012

January Task

Find and map the hawthorn,  the elder trees and the wild rose bushes within a one mile radius from home. Log, photograph, noticing the shape of the tree/bush and any different colourations/lichen growth on different sides of the tree/bush.  Identify whether the rose bush is a dog rose, briar rose or rosa rugosa.  Cut some elder twigs and peel off the bark.  Use this bark to make a double infused bruise salve (need to research what an infused bruise salve actually is:)
Sandpaper the white elder twigs until smooth, then cut into 1cm/1/2” sections, remove the pith and thread on ribbon, string or elastic to make a necklace or bracelet. Also make a hawthorn wand/meditation stick.

Twenty herbs to study throughout the year.

Common name                                                  Latin name
  • Ashwagandha                                                Withania somnifera
  • Bedstraws Lady                                            Gallum verum
  • Bergamot Wild                                             Monarda fistulosa
  • Chickweed                                                      Stellaria media 
  • Coriander                                                       Coriandrum sativum
  • Dog Rose                                                        Rose canina
  • Fever Few                                                       Tanacetum  parthenium
  • Good King Henry                                        Chenopodium bonus henricus
  • Groundsel                                                      Senico Vulgaris
  • Herb Bennet                                                 Geum urbanum
  • Hounds Tongue                                           Cynoglosum officinale
  • Lady's Mantle                                               Alchemilla vulgaris
  • Mallow Musk                                                Malva Moschato
  • Migonette                                                      Reseda lutea
  • Orach Red Plume                                       Atriplex hortensis
  • Oregano Greek                                            Origanum
  • Primrose                                                        Primula Vulgaris
  • Rocket Wild                                                  Eruca vesicaria
  • Rupturewort                                                Hemlaria glabra
  • Samphire Sea                                               Crithmum maritimus


  1. Hello Paules, What a wonderful list of herbs :) It will be great fun following your journeys with them this year. I have never worked with several of the herbs you have listed, so will be following closely to learn more:) Welcome to blogland, you are doing fine:)

  2. Hello C.C., Ooh dear really - are they? Sounds like I have a challenge on my hands, it was a case of close my eyes, point & do eeeanie meeeanie miney mo!!
    Thank you for the warm welcome, fingers crossed the doing fine will continue!!

    I'm looking forward very much to learning so much from you all.


  3. I was tempted to do the eenie miney mo way of choosing my 20 also! :) Not meaning to imply any on your list are more difficult, just saying some I have not worked with! :) I find that fact just awesome! I imagine one could work with herbs their entire life and still, someone would mention one that was new to them:) The wonderful thing about herbs.. it is never boring, always something new:) big hugs xxx

  4. You're going to have fun, Paules. I admit I had to google some of them! You've actually got a really interesting mixture of medicinal and edible wild "flowers". For anyone else who is wondering, mignonette is a close relative of weld (think yellow dye from the root), orach red plume is a mountain spinach and rupturewort can be used for ulcers. I'm going to challenge you to find wild samphire growing in salt marshes near you, Paules!

  5. YIKES!! Okay Sarah, perhaps I should've waited til I get home to decide on the herbs - especially the wild samphire I think I've made a mistake ... I've written down the wrong one perhaps it should've been Salicornia europaea!!!! :( I looked at a local -online - herb croft & chose because they sounded useful to learn about. Its all been a little hectic & my enthusiasm a bit disjointed with travelling etc . Funnily enough I was going to email you to ask your opinion on the whole list!!
    Many thanks for your help.. be in touch with my new list :)

    I'd been looking at this site,