Saturday, 7 January 2012

Herbal Ally Reminders

get to know the ally more intimately.
  •  Meditate/sit and breathe with your green ally for 3-10 minutes a day
  • Make a detailed drawing of the ally as accurate as possible. Next make a soft, impressionistic drawing
  • Find out what parts of the ally are typically used. Find out if other parts are useful. Make oils, tinctures and vinegars of all the useful plant parts (separately). 
  • Observe the conditions the plant chooses to grow in.  
  • Write a story from the point of view of your green ally. (If you have trouble getting started, write a warm up page praising your green ally and telling him/her how much you like him/her and why.
  •  Introduce a friend to your green ally. Tell them all about your ally.
You may wish to include these other exercises
  • ·    Write a song about your green ally.
  •      Write poems about your green ally. 
  •      If edible, eat your green ally as often as possible. 
  •       Try your ally in tea form. 
  •     Start some seeds of your green ally to watch him grow from a seedling into full life
  •       Harvest your ally at all stages of growth  
  •       Sketch, draw, paint your ally at each & every stage of growth


  1. Hello Mssy! This is such a wonderful blog! You have arranged it so nicely. I love how you added the class notes. I might use some of this if you don't mind for my information on my blog so that I can also keep track. I am going to probably put it in an add-on so that it stays as I add posts. Or I was thinking of just using another blog as you have done here. Thank you so much for the wonderful information. Cheers, Allsion

  2. Hello Allison
    You're too kind!! I've just done the same as everyone else, trying to keep a reminder list & a reference page as my memory isn't too good!! :) Please use whatever you wish.
    Big hugs :)