Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Elixir One: Cleaver Char :)

Today I had a pocket of free time. Instead of all the other things which needed doing I thought it was time to pop down to the bottom of the garden in search of the newly sprouting Cleavers recently discovered. Tea time . . anticipating making Cleavers Tea!! Armed with camera & accompanied by the dog we ventured down into the wild bare rough ground. Much to my surprise the Hemlock was prolific, looking most definitely like the poisonous  plant newly learned about. The Cleavers were also in abundance but not quite so much - yet - I'm sure last year there were far more Cleavers than anything else. After a thorough glance around the rough I soon noticed the specific structure of the Cleavers. Wonderful, I gently removed a few stalks & brought them up into the kitchen - explaining to them as we walked that they were going to be charred soon - mulled & served as a tonic tea to boost my Lymph. I thanked them for their goodness & contribution to sustaining life & balancing health. They seemed happy about their purpose. Infact they almost seemed to radiate - their structure becoming  sun like  - orbit of radiating light & warmth.
In the kitchen I steeped/washed them in a jug of cold water, changing the water 3 times. Tended to a few brown bits then popped a few of them into a little white china mug.  Cleaver Char . . aaaah delicious. Delicate & cleansing, purifying & energising.
just waiting to be washed
all clean :)
Sunshine radiance :) 
Mmmmmmm my 3rd brew :)  Will try drinking it for 7 days & see if there's any improved difference . Really enjoyed this little introduction to Herbal Teas.


  1. Keep us posted! What beautiful pictures x

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. :) I'm trying to figure out some newly unfurling blossom, once I know what it is I would like to make a some tea with it :) Spring is sooo exciting. I'm going to pop into Fred's place & read more about Hawthorn & all he's been doing with it. Soooo exciting :) Giving up coffee for Lent worked a treat :)

  3. You are such a good photographer, Paules! Amazing words too:) xxx

  4. Wow, I think its more luck than judgement!! Thank you so much for your warmth, encouragement & kindness, tis al much appreciated.

  5. I was told that cleavers look and behave like a sweep's brush, dragging up and down the lymph like through a chimney. Also that if you drink cleaver tea every dayfor three months from the start of the season, you will be become dazzlingly beautiful. Alas I could only do it for a month last year and we dont get cleavers here. I like to make cleaver tea with cleavers harvested a day or two before . It tastes nicer after its dried a bit.

  6. Yes it says that in the medicinal book :) Amazing. Hope it works could really do with a good old sweep !
    Is this the one which made your skin look even more youthful & amazing? You maybe don't get Cleavers in India but my goodness you have everything else wondrous!! Will try drying my Cleavers, will try taking it for 3 months too. :) xXx

  7. I didn't actively dry it. Since I pick enough to last three days, it tends to dry out even by the second day. It all clumps together because of the "cleaving habit" so I pack a wad of it in a big mug, pour boiling water over, steep for a few minutes and then fish out the whole thing in one piece. Because of the cleaving habit, you don't need to strain it.It tastes and smells like a sweet sort of hay. And yes I'm in touch with a local herbalist who is teaching me about wild plants that grow here. But I haven't found any substitute for cleavers, except maybe "black" basil.