Monday, 13 February 2012

Bumbling Browse

Today - armed with our new camera I set off - turning right outside our lane to see what trees I could recognise.  Thought I'd have a trial run with camera & labelling!!  So far not quite so good as I thought. I recognised the little clutches of trees & some of the big ones but then couldn't recall their names - even though we were just looking at some last week in my book.  Ooh dear - blame it on the weather lol.  So for now I'll upload the photographs but will leave the recognition til later.  Please - any help is greatly appreciated :) 
This wonderfully curly bush in on the road on route to the meadow :)
The bark looks full of ladies faces :)
Tree tops :) 
 The path between seems to help separate the tree types :)  How  lovely is that!!
There are some Ancient Woodland areas too which I will visit. Everyday I will try to use the dog walk to head off in a different direction so to identify where certain trees are. What fun, our little dog will be most pleased :) Great excuse to dawdle through the woodlands with my camera. 
This trunk seemed to be made up in circles :). the bark had lots & lots of lines round the bark.
 This was one huge beautiful tree with lots of trunks. 
 This lovely old tree looked entwined, swaddled & wrapped in love :)
 This was a beautifully undulating trunk
This one almost looks as if it split down,  growing into a picnic & viewing chair to allow lots of adults & children to climb up & play on :)
Aw poor tree, looks like the horses have stripped & eaten some of the bark? You can see many teeth mark upon the tree. Bless.
 This looked a wonderful cluster of medusa roots & regrowth at the base of a huge trunk
 Some panoramic trees which line one of the meadows where we sometimes walk through with our little dog.
Naturally the whole area & skyline looks so very different once all the leaves are fully grown. I will enjoy taking photographs of each wonderful Season.  


  1. Beautiful pictures, all of your trees seem to be such different characters x

  2. Thank you for your kind & lovely words. Trees do seem to have a character all of their own don't they :). Today we saw so many other wonderful specimens & gorgeous new growth & buds. Unfortunately I must've put the sd card in the wrong way or something as the camera wouldn't work, but didn't have to time to stop to sort the problem out. Always tomorrow :)

  3. What wonderful pictures, Paules! I have tomorrow at home, so will slip back and see if I can help id any of them! For now, it is just so cool to see all these wonderful shapes, textures, and natural designs! Awesome job capturing the "mood" of these trees! Wish I could be there to walk with you! xoxoxo

  4. Such stunning photos! I love the one with the many entwined trunks the best - I could see lots of people hugging each other and the tree :-)

  5. Hello Dear Hedgewitch, Bless you - thank you for your lovely kind words. Yes absolutely I could see there were lots of lovers', lots of huggers & lots of entwining. I loved it too. Please, take a peek at the photo's in our garden, the Love Affair post. Amusingly, I tried a different setting on my new camera. Its called magic took a photie of a few of the trees which all clump together. I'd already described them in a previous posting as feeling as if they dance together. I was amazed that the magic photograph when uploaded onto the laptop seems to show the trees as separate dancers.. dancing !! :D See if you can see them too. :) Could you see the many many faces of old fashioned ladies, modern ladies, pretty ladies etc on the bark :) lol Nature is so wonderful & energy truly amazing :) Thank you again, nice to meet you.