Thursday, 16 February 2012

First shoots Cleaver & Nettle

Sooooooo excited I have a carpet of Cleavers & Nettles :) The bottom of my garden is a vibrant green!! After all of the snow, becoming quite used to  everywhere being so white it was wonderful to see all that now remains is a whole load of green. Armed with my camera I headed off down into the bramble & rough. Much to my delight I recognised Cleavers straight away, then Nettles & there's another growth - equally as prolific - but not sure what it is. Looks much more fern leafed shaped.  I'm sure these are Cleavers & Nettle  .. if I'm wrong please will someone correct me before I make Cleaver & Nettle Tea :)
Then there's this other greenery growing, much more fern like shaped leaf , on long thin stalks too. Growns in a circle like a clump of weed you could pull out altogether.


  1. I am sure you do have cleavers and nettles, but beware dear one, the other might be hemlock!Have you found a good book for identifying things yet? I would stay away from harvesting near any of those feathery looking plants for now. Why don't you mark it, label that picture with a question mark hemlock, and continue taking pictures of it as it grows, then maybe we can positively id it....wild carrot and others do look similiar, but better safe than sorry! There aren't that many we must beware of, but this one is very deadly if that is what it is!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Ooooh dear, okay thank you. I will look up hemlock, Never heard of it til now, sadly I think you could be right. My photographs a bit blurry, I will take a clear one.. it's def fern like. Will treat it with great respect & care. There is so much of it unfortunately. Will pick some cleavers, wash them & use them then figure out a way to remove the hemlock. Maybe all will be removed in the process as they seem fairly close to each other :(
    Thank you for your attention to detail, kindness & assistance.All greatly appreciated.

  3. " The pictures on this page are good of the young plants. Some dumbass actually brought this plant over as an ornamental, otherwise we wouldn't have it growing all over here on this continent! Do remember to mark it, so we can watch it grow during the season. This plant I for sure want you to be able to id at a glance, Paules, and be comfortable and 100% sure of. You are welcome xx Big hugs." Comfrey Cottages.