Sunday, 5 February 2012


As mentioned in previous posting, none of the buds, flowers, weeds or trees I photograph have my identification. I haven't a clue what any of them are.  I just love the feel of them, marvel at their beauty.  Don't know why Ive never tried to find out!!  Anyway, back to now because as yet I haven't mapped & logged the trees near to us nor the other tasks as yet. Meanwhile as I'm gathering information, learning whats what  I've chosen some old photos to begin my reference & revision catalogue of our local flora & fauna. We live along the top of the North Downs, so its all areas surrounding our home within 5 mins either way we tread. If anyone would like to help with my learning curve identifying the photo's .. all support is most welcome :)

Sloe Berries :)  know these ones as I make Sloe Gin


So many photographs to identify, too many to upload but at least I can catalogue the most common ones in our garden & surrounding walks.


  1. What a lovely long list - have you seen all this now?
    I', not sure how helpful I can be as this would be a good list for me to identify too but I tried two before having to leave for work - I'd rather do this!
    The first one the orange berries, I see them in a lot of urban planing is a Pyracantha - fire thorn
    I think the 3rd one down is a hebe, although I can't see the leaves
    and the 18th down is bittersweet, which is poisonous, although the berry might not be the right shape
    Love to know if i've got these right!

  2. Hello Jo-Ann , Pleased you said lovely!! :) Thank you so much its so exciting discovering their names. Tis rather a long list & there's so many more photo's gathered over the years!! I'm just too ignorant of specific names. Everything is taken on macro, so many are minuscule. Good example of how small some of them are is the coriander flower, they are tiny but aren't they stunning? Sooo symmetrical, beautiful perfection in every detail. Thank you again. I will add the names later I to have to whizz.
    Abundant Blessings. Have a delicious day!

  3. 19 down might be blackberries, 28 might be wild lettuce. number 13 counting from bottom to top looks like grape hyacinth. I wish I had more time I would keep looking also! lol! Must go get dylan from school though! xxx