Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Today I thought I'd spend some contemplative moments with the small Hawthorn we have in our garden. Share some time with it's beautiful unrestrained structure & shape, so different from the controlled Hawthorn hedge of our neighbours boundary screen. Today I respectfully observed, took a couple of photographs. Maybe this one will become my Ally. I thanked the lovely woody plant for allowing me to share its wondrous growth, its pulsating gentle energy & its amazing internal universe.
The bare structure of the branches are just beginning to come into the smallest tips of bud. A beautiful red  sprout blossoms from the branch. The thorns are quite exquisite if they weren't quite so sharp :).  A complete matrix providing the perfect fertile ground for all blossom & leaves to grow.


  1. Thank you ladies. You're so kind & wonderfully supportive. It's so exciting learning the names of the plants I've loved for so long in my garden. :)