Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pathways - Elixir of Life :) - Gateways

Once upon a time it was said I shared Elixir of Life Transformative Teachings, Ascension Initiation, Energy Attunement, Soul Authenticity & Retrieval, Soul Whispering I mean the list could expand until we run out of descriptive words which basically all lead to the same destination :)  How we feel!! The language of living, language of love, language of the  management of our power within. The English language, amazing - yet our interpretation & use no matter how sophisticated or simple all basically lead our minds along the many corridors of reasoning .. meandering until we reach some illogical place deep within which makes prefect sense of things :)  Perhaps, much more than the language is able - maybe the true research & practicality of such descriptive language of such a words like Elixir truly will be found in the tinctures, medicines & tonics discovered in Herbal Medicines.  Always the trees, flowers & plants have shared an unspoken feel, a whispering - pulsating - energy which is just absorbed into the senses, igniting their essence within.  SOOOOO EXCITED - I am only beginning to consider what amazing adventures are to be found within my herbal cauldron, leaves, buds, flowers & using all together!! Gateways to unknown elsewheres . ..  only just commencing ..


  1. It is exciting for me to see this ever present connect you have, with the plants, blooming in new directions! Gorgeous photos!!

  2. Thank you :) such kind & lovely words. Its going to be warmer over the next few days so we shall see much growth & change. Still exciting .. . :) Bless you C.C. Big hugs, hope you have a lovely day.