Monday, 13 February 2012

Hawthorn Blossom - Herbal Ally

These were taken last year, at the moment all the branches are undressed in their Winter naked attire. Leaf buds are just beginning to appear. I think stunning flowers are from our Hawthorn bush - as opposed to next doors Hawthorn hedges - they're such beautiful blossom.  Some it seems have pink tipped stamen & some brown !! Not sure if its the process of change & growth or a different kind of flowering Hawthorn.
So looking forward to Spring this year, to be able to identify our resident plants will be sooooo wonderful.


  1. Lovely pictures. I'm looking forward to regularly checking to see when their tiny red buds start to unfold green leaves pop out.

  2. Thank you Jo-Ann, me too!! . I am even more excited than usual for Spring to be able to learn the names of all of these gorgeous gifts of Nature surrounding our home. I saw some tiny red buds today :)